About Us

Jaksons is a group of honest and skilled people
who work best in their area. Who is skilled in any kind of work.

Self-made Leather

In Leather Case, Jaksons does not compromise with anyone. Jaksons makes his own leather so that he can do different types of colors and work.

Best Workmanship

Jacksons oldest and handsome artisan is here. Who has spent his time in this work since childhood. In the case of work, artisan is amazing.

Work on Time

Jaksons has the full credit to work on time, as he goes to his artisans, who works for us throughout the year. There is no question of delay.


Jacksons, who has come in front of people like a brand, but Jaksons need to work harder to lure people in this way. 70 years ago Jakir Ahmed Khan started this work. He bought leather from Kanpur and started from a small place like Kalpi and gave a good result from hard work. Today Jacksons is working with many big brands. They are making different types of products for them. Like: Ladies Purse, Laptop Bags, Messenger Bag, Leather Socks, Haji Belt, Air Pillow, Belt, Jym Bag, Trolly Bag, Jacket and many more products.If you talk about our made leather products, then you will get a huge range.

Jacksons does not buy leather from outside to make his own products, but rather to make himself. This is the reason, because of which jacksons can paint all kinds and colour of leather.

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Customer Reviews

Did some shopping of leather jackets and Bag from. I found this place cheaper and genuine in local market. Got some really good items at good price.

Mohd Amin, Delhi Customer

How surprised to see the Bag which I pay a bomb for being sold here at almost a throwaway price and to add 50% discount added discount...when we were there. The products here are exceptional with a good quality leather to boost and a wide range from Bag to jackets, wallets, leather bags and all at a very reasonable rates. With the current trend they have starting accepting e-wallet payments as well. Tucked away, you need to first check this place before exploring the other shops around.

Sheikh Abdul Wahab, Kanpur Customer

Our Product Works

Some products made by Jaksons, Whose work is going on for a whole year.These are some of the main products that need the right to occasionally..

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The need for a bag has existed as long as intelligent civilisation has thrived. Bags have been the most handy style pieces as these facilitate carrying everyday items. The present innovative version of bags began after clothes were fitted with pockets. The extra storage allowance meant that bags evolved from necessities to style statements. This sync has prompted Jaksons’s creators to introduce some of the trendiest models that add value to the persona.

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It was in the 16th century that women truly began to carry something similar to a purse. The ladies handbag was worn along with small utensils such as sewing tools, scissors, knife cases and keys on a chatelaine. These chatelaines were made of precious metals and gems that were status symbols. It was in the 20th century that the reticule - the modern handbag was born. To match the style and taste of women, Jaksons manufactures fine ladies handbags as fashion accessories.

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The history of leather jackets dates to World War I. It was during that era that fighter pilots were given leather bombers when combating cold weather conditions. The motorcycle leather jacket came into being in the 1920’s thanks to Harley Davidson. Since then, there has been no looking back. The music industry, the film industry and the fashion world have used some form of the leather jacket to their advantage. This has made leather jackets the quintessential symbol of cool and modish. Leather jackets from Jaksons add a little flair to this flamboyance.

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The story of leather pouches began with warriors of yore and it still thrives strong. Invented to hold berries for bartering, the authentic pouch was made with deer hide. It was in later years that only the noblest of noble men began to carry them to store their gold and silver coins. At Jaksons, we match up to the times gone by in making exquisitely designed leather pouches catering to the taste and preferences of the modern generation.

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Most office stories have a scene that is conceived around a perfect office. Imagine it. The ideal teak table with a genuine leather writing pad in the centre with a classic pen next to it. A leather organiser on right corner and a name tag on the left. These articles give a hint of elegance and class. They complete the picture. Office accessories are more than their functionalities. They tell a story. After all, every tale is weaved with a pen and at Jaksons we recognise it’s true worth and give the rich respect it deserves.

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The story of the iconic Messenger bag is ancient and buried deep into the roots of royal couriers. The modern Messenger bag was an improvisation on the size of a sling bag. Also known as courier bag, a messenger bag was a light sack made of a natural material like cloth or leather. These were used by couriers to carry important documents. A small version of a courier bag is called a messenger bag, now made famous by top fashion brands of the world. At Jaksons, we have added some spice to these trendy slings. Think sling, think Jaksons!

And Many More...